15 Ridiculous Ideas That Will Make You Shake Your Head


It's hard to believe some of these ideas are serious, that someone out there sat down and thought to themselves that this is a good idea. Where most of them don't seem too bad the rest are just plain crazy. Let us know which one you liked the most in the comment section below!


I'm not sure rocks in a bottle will take off quite like the doorbell. Surely try knocking on the door first? Or even use something else like a bell perhaps?

ridiculous 8
Little White Lion


Desperate times call for desperate measures…

ridiculous 1


Alternative to candles… Yeah we don't recommend it.

ridiculous 13


Home made shower. Recycling at its best!

ridiculous 7


Coffee anyone?

ridiculous 6


You can't help but laugh… Seriously, don't try this at home!

ridiculous 15
Everyday Family


Broken faucet? There's always a solution. Looks fantastic too!

ridiculous 5
Little White Lion


Grating cheese on the back of your computer tower because you can't be bothered to buy a real cheese grater.

ridiculous 14
Little White Lion


DIY hot tub. Toast marshmallows at the same time. Two birds, one stone.

ridiculous 9
Sarcastic Sarcasms


I hope that outlet extension is waterproof…

ridiculous 10
Things Could Be Worse



I'm not really sure what's going on here…

ridiculous 11


When things get tough you can always turn to a bottle of Jack Daniels…

ridiculous 2


There's nothing like a home made gym.

ridiculous 3


The theory is to get hot water.

ridiculous 12
Funny Pickens


Home made water fountain faucet! Very stylish.

ridiculous 4

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