Funny And Endearing Love Notes To Brighten Your Day

There is no feeling on earth that compares to the excitement and joy of the first flushes of love. You know that tingly feeling you get when you touch? That wonderful electricity when you kiss? Yes, romance is a beautiful thing. As your connection with your partner grows, things begin to fall into a kind of comfortable routine. When this happens you need to find ways of keeping your relationship alive. Nowadays, with everything being computerized most of us never receive or leave love notes anymore. When you take a look at this selection, you’ll see just how far some people have gone to keep that spark of romance and fun alive. These are so funny! 

At least Bob made the effort.

Ah, young love!

That’s one way to train your other half into using the thermostat!

Still madly in love after 15 years.

She loves him THIS much!

Burn the closet and the clothes!

How sweet is this?

What beautiful sentiments!

We’re loving this so much!

Direct and to the point.

Can you imagine?

What an amazing couple!

Never a truer word has been written.

So, they’ve been together a while then?

We hope you’re enjoying this collection of quirky love notes. What’s so evident here is that there is so much love and depth of emotion shared between every last one of these couples. Every letter is filled with a warmth that only two people who know each other inside out could share. We hope these images have given you some inspiration to perhaps take a more unique approach to your own proclamations of love. And, remember to let us know in the comments if your ever given or been the recipient of a particularly unique love note. 

What a kind and practical gesture!

funny love notes lunch broke


This guy has his priorities right.

Aw Jim, we love you too.

We can only dream of receiving these kinds of messages.

What a lovely note!

funny love notes downersaurus


We’re not sure if this even is a love note!

It’s the thought that counts.

We can identify with this.

His girlfriend gave him this shopping list.

It’s hard to love anyone more than your dog.

An inventive way to tell them you care.

That’s a whole lot of love!

Mmm bagels. We see this guy’s point.

funny love notes bagels


Surely this is the truest form of love.