Fascinating Photos of the Coolest Things You Ever Laid Your Eyes On

Have you seen something so amazing that it made you go speechless? These photos showing some of the coolest things to ever exist will certainly amaze you. It would be a crying shame not to share these stunning things for the world to see. If you want to just sit back and relax, let these soul-satisfying photos cool you down. So get your ice-cold drinks and indulge with the coolest things we have in store for you.



The departure of a train covered with LED lights is captured using a long-exposure photography.

Reddit | posthumanoid

The CT scan of this ancient Buddha statue reveals a mummified body of a monk inside.

Reddit | bambi_killer_49

The statue of David is one of Michelangelo’s most renowned masterpieces. The intricate details of the sculpture from its head to toe is what made the famous sculptor become a household name.

Reddit | 2ook

These may look like natural ice stalagmites but these are actually Finnish lapland trees in the winter when they are veiled with snow.

Reddit | Tucko29

The world’s largest salt flat in southwest  Bolivia is also known as the world’s largest mirror due to its mirror-like water.

Reddit | elee0228

The inside of an elephant’s foot looks similarly just like ours.

Reddit | tryones

The first photo looks like it was taken ages ago. But it’s actually a trick photography where vintage cars were pasted on a modern road. The symmetrical perspective of the road and the cars made the photo look so real.

Reddit | nsfwdreamer

Photos of the most impressive things we’ve ever seen



This happy dog can’t contain its happiness as the stunning sunset draws everyone’s eyes.

Reddit | WarlockOPain77

It may have no seats for spectators but this awesome soccer stadium on a Norwegian island is certainly the coolest stadium we’ve ever seen.

soccer-stadium on a rocky island coolest things
Reddit | ethan_kahn

This photo of a man swinging a string glow sticks with burning steel at the end looks like a capture of an amazing fireworks display.

Reddit | Sumit316

It looks like a real fallen bird at first glance. But seeing those people near it makes you realize that it’s a marvelous statue of a giant bird.

Reddit | BasedOnAir

After several attempts, a stargazer was able to capture the transition of the International Space Station on the moon.

Reddit | SmootherPebble

Props to the person who strapped these cars to a vehicle hauler. When the hauler flipped, the cars it was carrying did not detach from it at all.


This is Point Nemo, the location in the ocean that is farthest from the land. It was not named after the famous Disney fish but rather it was named after a character in Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Reddit | lanceparth

If you can’t fly, find a friend who can and fly with it.

Reddit | PseudoscientificTown