If You’re Faith In People Is At A Low These Days, These 32 Wholesome Photos Might Change Your Mind

We’re obviously not having the best year and there’s still a dark cloud of uncertainty looming ahead. But despite the difficult situation we’re currently in, there’s still hope. And we’ll help you restore your faith and hope in humanity with these wholesome photos. The year 2020 will surely leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth because of the coronavirus pandemic. With more than 1,300,000 confirmed cases and over 74,000 reported deaths worldwide as of this writing, this crisis has brought fear to all parts of the world.

While most people are in great fear of the contagious virus, some opportunistic jerks are taking advantage of this situation for their own gain. For instance, we have hoarders emptying shelves and reselling high-demand items for unreasonable prices are almost everywhere. People who are deliberately ignoring self-isolation and social distancing policies are giving frontliners a hard time. Coronavirus-positive patients trying to escape mandatory quarantine and intentionally spreading the virus to infect other people. Sad but true, this pandemic crisis is also bringing out the worst in some people. But don’t let these unfavorable circumstances take away your faith in humanity. Although, it seems like we’re only seeing the bad side of the situation, we have yet to see the good side.


Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Believe it or not, there’s still some goodness left in this world despite the ordeal we’re facing now. However, not everyone is a selfish hoarder, not everyone is a law-breaker and not everyone only has ill intention to other people. Amidst this devastating adversity, there are those people who are putting the welfare of other people before themselves. And we’re not only referring to health workers and other frontliners but to compassionate citizens as well. Of course, we seldom hear about these people’s goodwill on the news because TV news mostly cover the ‘news-worthy’ alarming stories that are horribly bad. But don’t worry because we’re bringing you all the good stories that we’ve gathered during this pandemic crisis.

So, keep yourself comfortable and always stay at home during these times. We’ll bring you all the good stuff to make you feel better. And we’re going to start by bringing back your faith in humanity with these wholesome photos. Let these good people inspire you to spread love and kindness during these difficult times.


Wholesome Stories Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic