Hilarious Prom Photos That Will Make You Irk and Laugh

Prom night is here and every teenager is looking forward to this memorable event. Everyone has their own stories to tell but we’re very curious to know the story behind these hilarious prom photos. We understand that everyone wants to make an impression on the most unforgettable night of their lives. But some people seem to take it way too far. Standing out among the rest has become the aim of everybody, even to the extent of looking absurd. We don’t actually mind other people dressing up ridiculously, right? In fact, we enjoy looking at the hilarity they have in store for us. Here are some hilarious prom photos that will make you laugh and cringe.



This couple from hell ascended to earth to take this hideous photo that will give you nightmares every night.

What’s the concept behind this photo? Does it mean to treat your lady like a horse so you can ride on her?

Run for your lives! The Queen Xenomorph is here to eat all our faces away!

You can show your patriotism in more meaningful ways than wearing the American flag on prom night.

I love you, you love me. We’re a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won’t you say you love me too?

That’s way too revealing for a dress if you ask me. And I think he got his hands in the wrong place. Why is she wearing a bridal garter? I guess I’m just being too conservative.

No date for the prom night? No problem! As long as you have pets to dress up as your date.

We’re fine with having pets as prom dates. But we’re not sure about this guy’s preference in partner. Whatever that thing he is holding, we sincerely hope he had a good time with his date.

Awkward and bad prom photos



Their matching outfits make it seem like they just emerged from a wilderness and we can almost hear the birds and crickets chirping around them.

Are they really going to fly to the prom in this helicopter or is that only a prop for a photo-shoot?

Prom foods are boring, right? That’s why this girl prefers to stay outside and munch on her favorite chips like there’s no tomorrow.

These outfits would definitely pass if you’re attending a children’s party. But it’s a different story when you go to a prom with this outfit.

It’s totally fine to wear your most comfortable shoes when you go to a prom. But there’s no need to rub it on everyone’s faces how uniquely nitwit you are.

We need a touch of classical fashion from time to time. But by classical, we don’t actually mean the ancient type of fashion.

Riding in a helicopter to a prom is surprising enough. Now this?