James Feeds Pack Of Raccoons Every Night To Fulfill His Late Wife’s Wish

James Blackwood is on a mission to take good care of orphaned raccoons living in his local woods. Living in a forested area on the east coast of Canada in the province of Nova Scotia, James is used to seeing orphaned baby animals who are in dire need of help. He and his wife decided to dedicate part of their lives to rehabilitate and take care of orphans whose mothers were either killed or relocated.

Sadly, his wife died of cancer in 2003. But before she passed away, she asked him to continue taking care of the baby raccoons even when she’s gone. And James vowed to carry on with their project on her death bed. Since then, James has continued to rescue orphans on his own. Most of the orphans he rehabilitates often came back to his house. He gives them food and hangs out with them on his back porch.


This Man Feeds A Pack Of Raccoons With Hot Dogs



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With the increasing number of visitors, James always make sure that there’s plenty of food. He hand-feeds them dog food, peanut butter sandwiches, grapes, cookies, whipped cream and hot dogs. On July 1st, 2011, he uploaded his first video on his YouTube channel showing him feeding a lone racoon while sitting on a bench on his back porch. Through his series of videos, people witnessed how James started with just a handful of visitors to a pack of them over the years.


Here You Can See James’ First Video Upload



Over The Years, The Number Of Visitors Kept On Increasing


On most of his videos, you can see his hungry group of friends waiting for him on the back porch. He would later bring a bucket of food for them to feast on. Sometimes he hand feeds them and sometimes he just puts the treats on the porch floor. On November 3rd, 2020, a video showing him hand-feeding a mob with hot dogs went viral on YouTube. In just two weeks, the video has amassed over 12 million views.


This Video Showing Him Feeding The Raccoons With Hot Dogs Has Gone Viral


Once they ate the hotdogs, he went back inside and returned with a bucket of grapes, scattered the fruit on the floor and watched them clean up the floor in just a minute. James returned again with a bucket of cookies and scattered the pieces on the floor. Not long after, he brought in a bucket of dog food and put the kibbles on the floor. On the video description, James explained that they tend to become super hungry and eat a lot during the winter to stock up for a long snowy season.

“I have a river and brook on my property and also give them two buckets of well water.” James wrote. “No rabies here because of the climate but they do suffer from time to time of feline distemper. They are treated for disease, ticks, fleas and worms. They live in the woods full time and come by once a day for feeding and also in the woods.”


James has two rescue cats named Connor and Charlotte who also appear randomly on the videos. So, he always makes sure to keep his feline pets indoors when his hungry friends pay him a visit. He also makes sure that the animals don’t come inside the house to avoid getting them in contact with the cats. His good deed melted the hearts of people and many have offered financial support and gifts to help him with his mission. Although James is thankful for the offers, he advised them to donate to their local SPCA or Animal Welfare locations instead.

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