New Colliders Dessert Cups Are Combined With Your Favorite Candy

There’s no stopping Hershey’s from being King of the candy world. Now, the giant chocolate company is working together with Kraft Heinz to spoil our sweet tooth even more. The sensational collaboration introduces the Colliders Dessert Cups that will surely take our love for candy to the next level.

Everyone was a bit surprised when Hershey’s stepped out of its boundaries and launched new confectionery in different forms. There’s the whipped cream, cookie bites and pretzel bites so you can enjoy the iconic chocolatey flavor in different ways. Hershey’s also worked in partnership with other snack brands to offer innovative, mouthwatering combos. There’s the cereal in partnership with General Mills and the chocolate porter beer in partnership with Yuengling. Now the new Colliders Desserts are brought to us by a Hershey’s and Kraft Heinz team-up to give us a creamy indulgent dessert like no other.


Hershey’s Colliders Dessert Cups

The new Dessert Cups come in three varieties. Whether you like your favorite candies chopped, layered or twisted, there’s an ideal treat for you. The Reese’s Twisted features a creamy vanilla dessert topped with pieces of your favorite candies including Reese’s, Kit Kat and Heath. The Hershey’s Chopped has your favorite candies (Hershey’s Chocolate, Reese’s and Hershey’s S’mores) turned into a cool, creamy dessert which is topped with chopped pieces of chocolate. Lastly, the York Layered has candies including York, Reese’s and Rolo turned into a creamy dessert which is then topped with a yummy chocolate layer.

Each variety is available in a pack of two single-serve cups. You will find them in the refrigerated section at major retailers starting January 2021. That means we’ll need to wait a little more before we can taste these delectable goodies. So, which variety are you most excited about? No need asking us that question because we’ll be getting all of them.