12 Incredible Works Of Art Created On Fallen Leaves


Here at Awesome Inventions, we’re no stranger to art created on unusual canvases, but this might be a first for us. Georgian artist couple Kristi Botkoveli and Beka Zaridze have created a series of magical works of art painted on to fallen leaves. We love their painting style and they have an amazing way of suggesting light and illumination that is both simple and effective. This project is titled “24 Fallen Leaves” and if you like what you see here, you can follow their progress and see more work on their Facebook page. Check out these twelve incredible works of art created on fallen leaves.



This gorgeous piece features a scene from The Little Prince.


We love this stag with blooming antlers.


Solar system, leaf style.


This one is adorable, with a couple silhouetted against the moon.


This mini version is just as impressive as the bigger ones.


This mermaid piece is awesome.


We love the way these jellyfish seem to glow.


This person seems to be in bloom inside and out.


What an incredible dragonfly!


This dandelion looks magical.


A romantic hike in the mountains.


Look at this pair of lovecats.

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