26 Photos Taken With Unexpected Results

Great photos during special occasions are usually taken by professional photographers and they make it even greater by enhancing the them using Photoshop or some other photo-editing software. Sometimes we even wish we could just bring real photographers during ordinary occasions such as a family outing. If only they were not so expensive. Bu did you know that non-professional photographers can still make extraordinary photos? Yes, some are those once-in-a-lifetime kind of photos that experts can’t even recreate.

Hard to believe? See for yourself!

1. Is this another panoramic fail? Or does he really have a caterpillar body?

2. Who knew watching trees from a wristwatch would be so lovely.

3. How can anyone bend the sea like this?

4. Schrodinger’s flash

5. Could be something abstract out of airplane parts.

6. Failed panoramic photo attempts can turn into something from Inception.

7. You might say it’s something evil, but it’s really just because blinking is faster than the camera’s shutter.

8. Super powers maybe?

9. What happened to the water?

10. A single drop on your camera lens can make different possible effects like this.

11. How is this possible? Day & night in one photo.

12. Got that perfect spark straight out of a lighter.

13. It kinda’ looks like a perfect album cover, right? Thanks to a flash-glitch.

14. Another out-of-the-ordinary photo.

15. Looks like a chopped-off body thrown out to the water.

16. Can be an awesome wallpaper. Thanks to technical glitches!

17. How can you remove glass on your photo without using Photoshop? That’s right, who knows! Apparently, someone found out. With the help of iPhone’s portrait mode, it was possible.

18. There’s a lot going on in this photo.

19. A single mistake could make everything else look something unexpected…like how this photo can make you cry because of its dramatic effect, but really, it was just a focus problem.

20. Nope, that’s not a planet. It’s actually a photo of or painting.

21. A combination of the eclipse of a bird.

22. This is how you look like when your camera falls while taking a photo.

23. “Mirror, mirror…” Wait, that’s a window. The camera happens to focus on the child’s face when it was supposed to just capture the cat and its reflection.

24. Her shadow seems to be busy checking out photos on her camera.

25. It’s like the dog’s spirit animal is that cat watching him.

26. Fireflies + Spider = ?

These are just a few samples showing how failed photography or even technical glitches can make an ordinary photo extraordinary.