Brilliant Ideas For Using Everyday Items In Different Ways

Many items in life can be used in multiple ways, if we just took a moment to try things out. Thankfully the internet is full of people who share the successful results of their tried and tested theories. Here we have some brilliant ideas for using everyday items in different ways. We’re talking everything from using toothpaste to clean your headlights, all the way to using the spoiler of your car as a lunch table! There’s some neat and nifty suggestions on this list that are worth bearing in mind. Take a look! 

Brilliant Ideas For Using Everyday Items In Different Ways

Egg cartons are great for storing things. For example, Christmas ornaments! 

For an easy way of doing a french manicure, use elastic bands for the tips. 

Magazine holders are great for utilizing space in cupboards. 

Aluminum foil is great for cleaning glassware. It’s also helpful when painting to protect areas you want to keep dry. 

Graters with all their holes are perfect as earring holders! A lick of paint helps to create a more stylish look. 

If your headlights are looking dull, give them a clean with toothpaste! It really works! 

LEGO is so versatile. Below is an awesome example of how you can use it! 

A magnetic strip is super handy in a bathroom or bedroom for holding all of your metal essentials. 

To clean dry and crusty stains from suede, gently buff the area with a nail file.

Shower caps are the perfect size for holding shoes. This is great for travelling! Protect your clothes from dirty soles. 

If you’re luggage isn’t smelling so fresh, chuck in a bar of soap! 

If you have a car with a spoiler, you’ll never have to worry about finding a spot to eat again!

Loosening a stubborn jar lid is simple when you’ve got a spoon! 

Use towel hooks around any area of your home to easily wall mount your iPad.