12 Honest Sticky Notes That Sum Up Day To Day Life – Part 2


If you’ve come straight from the first part of this post, you’ll already know that Chaz Hutton is the master of succinctly summing up those little issues faced in our everyday lives… and all on tiny sticky notes! From finding an apartment that’s not basically made for dolls to live in to the insane amount of time that it seems to take to get from any week day to Friday, we think you’ll relate to these problems! So, take a look at these twelve honest sticky notes that sum up day to day life!

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Finding something that ticks all these boxes is basically the holy grail.


Do not underestimate the hardships of planning a wedding.


This is totally accurate!


But then the weekend seems to be over in about three hours.


Gee, thanks for the suggestions….


If you want to write a blockbuster disaster movie, just follow this formula.


The truth behind Facebook invite responses.


DJing means something very different these days.


If your monitor get unplugged from your computer at work, it’s probably easier just to start a new job.


Everyone feels like a kid on the inside.


The biggest cause of anxiety in millennials.


A good apartment is hard to find.

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