“Saturday Morning” Is Beer Made With Marshmallows

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s the fact that we mostly spent our weekend mornings in our pajamas with a bowl of cereal in our laps while watching cartoons. And this seemingly universal childhood memory is what inspired Smartmouth Brewing Co. to create the Saturday Morning brew! Beer is usually something you’d sip on long after you’ve had your coffee, so this offering from Smartmouth Brewing Co. is definitely a game changer. And the best part about this “breakfast beer”? It’s been brewed with “pounds of marshmallows”. And by marshmallows, we mean Lucky Charms marshmallows – the only marshmallows allowed in our cereal bowl!

If Lucky Charms are “magically delicious”, then the this boozy marshmallows drink is “nostalgically ridiculous”! Smartmouth Brewing Co. crafted the beer inspired by the “good ole days”, and incorporated an all too familiar cereal flavor to help us remember those days with every sip. Beer made from breakfast cereal isn’t exactly new. In fact, other breweries have churned out cereal beers before Smartmouth did. But the hype for this beer with Marshmallows was real when Smartmouth launched it last year.

saturday morning ipa with marshmallows
Smartmouth Brewing Co.






Saturday Morning is brewed with pounds of Lucky Charms marshmallows

The background story to this beer is actually quite romantic in contrast to their “good ole days” angle. It all began when the brewery’s Head Brewer Jimmy wooed his future wife in college by separating all the marshmallows from three boxes of Lucky Charms. The gesture worked, as his future wife loves marshmallows. He did the arduous task again on their wedding day. Little did he know that his sweet token of affection would be the inspiration behind one of 2019’s most hyped craft beer releases!






Smartmouth’s IPA with Marshmallows is back to jazz up the way you get your buzz

The Lucky Charms-inspired drink first came out in 2019. And cereal-loving beer drinkers everywhere loved it. Unfortunately, Saturday Morning was a limited release, so it left many empty handed. Fortunately, Smartmouth has decided to give those who missed out another chance to get their hands on the marshmallow-y beer this year. They officially re-introduced the beer in early March 2020. And this new, limited edition batch comes dressed differently from its predecessor. Instead of sporting the more recognizable red, this year’s version comes wrapped in green.

However, the changes only seem to be cosmetic. Nothing new seems to have been added to the citrusy and tropical, fruity hops and marshmallow combination. And according to samplers, the beer is a great sip to have when you’re strolling along the beach. We expect this brew to have a lighter taste than the usual brews, given its sweet elements and 6.6% ABV.




This Lucky Charms-inspired beer returned to the scene in March 2020 after seeing a successful first run in 2019



And it’s gone from red to green







The IPA is still a limited release

A lot of the liquor stores and bars carrying the limited release have already sold out. But you can still try your luck at by heading over to Smartmouth’s Norfolk and Viriginia Beach Tasting Rooms. The two locations currently still have stock of the 4-pack of 16oz cans and draft. You’d better move fast because just like the rainbow, this Lucky Charms-inspired brew won’t be around for a long time. Consider it like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, except of course, it’s a 4-pack of marshmallow-infused beer waiting at the Tasting Rooms.








Watch them pour a huge bag of marshmallows into the mix here


Source: Smartmouth Brewing Co.