Brave Cat With Prosthetic Back Legs Makes Amazing Recovery After Accident

When Vituzzo Superstar’s adoptive parents set off for their delayed honeymoon in December 2018, tragedy struck. He went missing for a day and it was discovered that he had been hit by a car. The accident left Vito’s hind legs so badly damaged that the doctors had no choice but to amputate them. Typically, when a cat loses a pair of limbs, the future becomes pretty grim for them. But thanks to his moms and the people around him, Vito became a cat with prosthetic back legs.

Vito’s parents, Silvia Gottardi and Linda Ronzoni, got married in July 2018. Silvia is a former basketball player. While, Linda is a graphic designer and art director. Originally, Vito belonged to Silvia’s mother. He lived with her in the small town of San Vito Lo Copo in north-western Sicily. But when she passed away, Silvia’s father couldn’t keep him because he later began dating someone with a cat allergy. So, Silvia and Linda took him with them to Milan.


This amazing cat with prosthetic back legs is a testament to the resiliency of animals

Vito’s legs were so mangled that one of his paws was immediately removed. The surgeons tried their best to save his other paw, but it later became clear that, due to infection, they had to remove the second paw as well. After the surgery, the vets provided temporary ‘legs’ for the unfortunate feline.

The vets worked tirelessly to find a way to let Vito live a comfortable life after losing two of his legs. Finally, they decided to take a chance and attach two prostheses directly into Vito’s remaining upper leg bones. According to his parents, they were inspired by Oscar, the first-ever cat to receive prosthetics after falling victim to a combine harvester.


Vito the cat with prostheses  for back legs is celebrated for a lot of reasons

While the Brits have Oscar, the Italians have Vito. Both cats are the first felines to receive artificial limbs after meeting unfortunate accidents. In fact, Vito’s successful prosthetic surgery is a landmark event in Milan! The cat’s prosthetics are spring-loaded and have joints, just like the ones that athletes use. However, despite the great features that his prosthetic legs have, Vito can no longer jump like the graceful creature he once was.


Vituzzo the Superstar lost his legs in a serious road accident


He moved to Milan to live with his new moms


It took Vito over a year to recover but he’s back to being a happy, fearless cat

It took Vito a long time to learn how to use his legs. But now, a year after losing his legs and gaining bionic ones, the superstar cat has gotten used to it. Now, there’s nothing that can hold him back from living his best life. You can follow his Instagram and keep up to date with his progress on Facebook.