Bars Are Now Creating Percy Pig Cocktails Using The New Dessert Sauce And You Can Too

It turns out that Marks & Spencer’s Percy Pig dessert sauce is not just for kids and kids at heart anymore. One bar in Glasgow has decided to create a Percy Pig cocktail using M&S’ new dessert sauce. Your favorite candy and dessert sauce in a cocktail? Well, it certainly doesn’t get any more exciting than that! Here’s what you need to know about this dreamy pink concoction.

It’s the latest brainchild of the Driftwood Bar located at St. George’s Road. Apparently, this bar takes pride in making delightfully quirky drinks—from cocktails, shots, and slushes. They’ve launched several boozy collections inspired by Disney, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, to name a few. And the heavenly tipple inspired by the awesome sauce is their latest offering to their patrons.


Driftwood Bar is famous for its selection of pop culture-inspired boozy drinks


As per Driftwood Bar’s general manager, Nicola Walker, their special drink is an “alcoholic celebration of the sweets.” So, what makes up the much talked about drink? It mainly consists of pink gin, strawberry vodka, cranberry juice and a generous amount of the super sweet sauce. To top it off, it also features a pink candyfloss topping and a piece of the Percy Pig gummy. And the best part? It’s only £3.50—as with all their other cocktail selections.

So, if you’re within the area, drop by the Driftwood Bar to get your hands on this awesomesauce drink. See what we did there? Anyway, if you’re, unfortunately, from the other side of the world, fret not for they have also shared the recipe with us.

To make your own Percy Pig concoction, combine 25ml of strawberry vodka, 25ml of pink gin, and three shots of cranberry juice in a shaker. Add some ice cubes, then shake it well. Lastly, add a dash of lemon juice then top it with a pink candyfloss and a Percy Pig gummy. There you have it!


In addition to the Percy Pig cocktail, the pub has also recently launched a Percy Piglet shot


Source: Driftwood Bar Facebook | Instagram