40 People Who Will Probably Never Shop Online Again

Shopping online is quick, easy and convenient. Why bother going through all of the hassle of going out to the store when you can simply order your goods from the comfort of your warm, cozy armchair? Well, that sounds great in theory, but, for some of us who shop online, there are times when we get a lot less than we had originally bargained for! Take a look below to see some online shopping fails that will leave you amused but feeling sorry for the people involved! 

For those that aren’t aware, ‘Yeezy 750 Boost’ is a pair of shoes created by Kanye West. When they were first released they were very much sought after by fans, some still desperate for a pair to this day. So much so that people were and are willing to pay what some would say is an extortionate amount. Unfortunately, this has resulted in many people being scammed and ripped off. One horrible example of this is shown below! We can’t believe someone actually created that cardboard monstrosity and charged $2000 for it! 


cardboard boots

Here we have another unfortunate shoe disaster. Not that we will ever understand why people think it’s okay to scam others, but what’s even more confusing is why they would put bread in the box instead? What a slap in the face to the customer! The person responsible for the con must think they are a funny person to go through the effort of cutting up the bread like that…

bread shoes

It’s great that so many clothing companies offer a range of sizes to suit different people. This is particularly important when it comes to jeans because obviously everyone needs something to fit their height. We actually laughed out loud at the image below! We wonder what the actual length of those trousers is? To be fair you could just cut off some of the material and roll the bottoms up slightly if you desperately needed to wear the jeans. 

long asos trousers

The style of shorts on the left are much loved by many. They are the go to clothing item when the weather’s nice. We understand why as shorts are so versatile and can be paired with pretty much anything! Sadly, on some people’s quest to find a nice pair, they end up with something hugely disappointing. We hope that the customer got a full refund! 

jean shorts fail

Most people are aware these days that you must always read the fine print. People can get away with selling things that look like something else, simply by hiding the specifics somewhere that they hope a customer wouldn’t bother looking. The person below can vouch for this. They would have paid way more than they should have for something that is pretty much useless! 

tiny control pad

Buying clothes online is something you should always approach with caution. You have to research the credibility and authenticity of the place you are purchasing from or you could end up with something that is just terrible. No one likes to spend their money on something that ends up being a complete and utter fail! The photo below isn’t actually even close to the worst ones we’ve seen but a disappointment none the less!

sack dress fail

Cats are often a huge fan of their toys. Balls, stringy things, scratching posts, you name it, they love it! And, luckily for them, their owners tend to provide such fun things. However, sometimes the cat toys you order online end up looking a little (or a lot) different to how you expected. Below we have one very unamused looking feline. The looks says ‘what the hell am I supposed to do with this’?

tiny cat toy fail

Some people have a flare for seeing the best in a situation. They are naturally able to find the amusing and/or positive side of whatever is thrown at them. This is a great trait to have if you’re an avid online shopper as the more shopping you do, the higher your chances of something not going smoothly at one point or another! Below we have someone who rocked the pair of shoes they ended up with! 

hiking-boots-shoes fail

People, we really must urge you to triple check size guides. When you’re buying cheap items from places like Ebay, a lot of the time it will be coming from places like China where the sizes are much smaller. It’s not impossible to get something that will fit you like the picture implies, but you really do have to do your research and read the reviews from other people that can help you!

dodgy jacket

This is both disgusting and highly amusing. We just can’t figure out why anyone would place their privates on their phone like so. Maybe the person was upset to let their phone go and wanted to get one up on the new owner? Jokes aside, no one should ever have to wipe someone else’s penis print off of their new phone. Gross! We hope complaints were made!

penis print on phone

We aren’t too sure on the back story of this one, however, we actually kind of love this bear suit thing! How great would it be for winter? It looks wonderfully thick and soft. We would even go as far as to say we might purposefully buy one of these depending on how much it costed! In fact, we might just go take a look and do some research! 

furry outfit

Anyone who has ever opted for doing their grocery shopping online will know that sometimes there are things called ‘substitutions’. For those that aren’t familiar with the term, it is when the item you chose isn’t available so the store tries their ‘best’ to send you something in replacement that is as close to your original purchase as possible. However, sometimes stores end up sending you the most random things! Below we have a rather amusing example of this…

online-shopping-gone-wrong-flowers substitution

You often see occurrences where people make a purchase and end up getting a miniature version of whatever they ordered. What is not so common, however, is receiving gigantic versions! It really is so important to read the specifications and descriptions of items or you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. To be fair though, receiving an over-sized ladle would probably be quite an amusing thing to be given! 

huge ladle

Some companies are so damn cheeky. They advertise something implying it will be a certain way or do a certain thing only to send you something that is nothing short of a terrible joke! We understand on occasion there are mistakes made but you can usually tell when a business is just pushing their luck. The person responsible for the review below hopefully saved other people from making a ridiculous purchase! 

shopping fail color changing mug

Winnie The Pooh is loved by many. This is hardly surprising given how loving and friendly the yellow bear is. When looking at the photo below, the photo on the left shows a fairly reasonable resemblance. However, the image on the right is nothing short of scary! This is one purchase we would not be too pleased with. That thing would probably scare people rather bring any sort of joy… 

pooh-face-mask scary fail

Wigs are wonderful things. They can provide people with confidence and identity. You may think that it sounds silly that something like a wig could change a person’s life, but just think about how much they could improve the confidence of someone who has lost their own hair for whatever reason. Bearing this in mind, imagine how disappointed you would be to expect the wig on the left but then receive the one on the right! Shocking. 

wig ordered received fail

Flowers can mean a lot to a person and are one of the most popular gifts to give. Many people opt for using florists who specialize in floral arrangements to make sure their gifts are special. However, what florists advertise you will get can often differ from what you get in reality. This is really enraging as it can be embarrassing for the sender who has paid good money to have someone special in their life receive something terrible! 


Things don’t always come in the form you expect them to. However, when you are taken off guard, you can be left confused (but hopefully amused). As long as the function of your item is the same, it’s not generally a huge issue. We’re going to guess that the establishment responsible for the milkshake below ran out of cups! At least we hope that’s what happened! 


It’s not unheard of to order something and end up receiving something totally different. Depending on what you get, the majority of people are left disappointed, angry and baffled. But, on certain occasions, some people are quite happy with the mix up! Ordering a fryer and getting a cotton candy machine isn’t a mistake we’d be too annoyed with! 


Family ornaments are something that you can cherish for a lifetime. Little keepsakes make for lovely gifts and are great for capturing memories. Many people order things, such as key rings, online. Waiting for your purchase(s) to arrive is always exciting! Sadly, sometimes your order will be confused with someone else’s, and you are left with another family’s order! 

family-penguins ornament mix up

This one is actually terrifying. The person responsible for the photo below ordered an Xbox. They received a call from ‘FedEx’ saying their package had arrived so they could come and collect it. After signing for the package (feeling confused at the size of the box) they opened it to find a revolver. After heading back to return it, It became apparent that the person who ordered the gun had a very similar name to person who ordered the Xbox. What a terrible mix up! 

gun online shopping fail

Here we have another Ebay mishap. Now, sometimes genuine mistakes do occur. But, we’re not sure if we believe that’s what happened here. Who wouldn’t double check what they are sending? Maybe a careless person, but we still aren’t convinced! Seriously though, do people not understand how annoying it is to be excited to receive something only for it to be completely wrong?!


For some people, fancy dress is their favorite thing to do, whether it be for a party or Halloween. Choosing the perfect outfit can be difficult. So, when you stumble across something that you like, you can’t wait to try it on. Sadly, the desired look isn’t always what you get. Thankfully, some people can see the amusing side of things, like the girl below! 

costume fail star wars

Online auctions can be a great way to bag something at a bargain price. There’s so much versatility in what you can find. This guy thought he had purchased 50 chairs. Whilst this was correct, what he didn’t realize was that they were child sized! At least he’s smiling. Let’s hope that he was able to find a good use for them! Online shopping fail at its best! 

tiny-chairs auction

Rugs are something that so many people order incorrectly. Some tend to look at the main advertising picture without reading the specific measurements. Unfortunately, this is often the own fault of the purchaser. However, it is a really easy mistake to be made, and the results can be pretty amusing! At least the color was correct!

tiny-rug fail

Some websites will offer a ‘random selection’ feature. This is great for people who aren’t great at making decisions and/or those who want their purchases to be a surprise. Generally, if you’re choosing a quantity of more than 1, each item should be different unless advertised otherwise. Unfortunately for the recipient below, they received 10 of the same shirt after selecting ‘random’! 

t-shirts bundle fail

For some people, Christmas is their favorite time of the year. When the time comes to put up decorations and station a tree, some of us feel giddy! Many people opt for a fake tree that is cheaper and doesn’t require any maintenance. There’s no issue with this as they can still look just as good as a real one! Unless, of course, you end up buying a complete and utter fail like the one below! That’s one way have your Christmas spirit dampened! 

christmas-tree fail

Now, you don’t have to be a genius when it comes to geography to know that the image printed onto the t-shirt below is The Eiffel Tower. Following this, most people know that The Eiffel Tower is situated in Paris, France and definitely not London! What a terrible piece of merchandise. We hope this is one of those gimmick shirts that are meant to be obviously stupid… 

i love london eiffel tower shirt

Since Apple released the iWatch, many duplicate versions with a similar concept have been made. Often referred to as knock offs, these recreations are generally much cheaper, but, much less useful. In fact, some of the ‘smart watches’ out there are absolute junk. Could the people responsible for it really not have made the image on the screen a bit less blurred? 

smart-watch fail

We understand and appreciate to an extent that some people go through desperate times and do desperate things. However, we still don’t feel it excuses scamming someone. How does the person doing the scam know that their victim isn’t going through an even tougher time? The con artist responsible for the image below clearly felt some sort of remorse but it’s no where near good enough! 

dodgy headphones

Most of us when purchasing something will inspect the product before accepting it. However, when something is as convincingly wrapped as the ‘TV’ below, we have much sympathy for the purchaser. Hopefully the scammer was punished in some way and the customer got their money back. It’s outrageous the things that people try to get away with.

wooden-tv con

It’s incredibly annoying when you’re trying to do something nice for someone and the plan gets spoiled. Hopefully the girl who purchased the item below managed to hide the box from her mom and still managed to pull off her surprise. This is a good thing to remember if you were planning writing something similar in the ‘special requirements’ box!

online-shopping-gone-wrong-special requirements

It’s gutting when you think you’ve bagged a bargain and it turns out it was too good to be true. What we love about this situation is the style of leggings the mom thought she was buying. Metallic gold is one bold choice! Of course, it sucks to be left disappointed but this is definitely one situation you can laugh at. We wonder if the mom made a second attempt at finding the leggings that she wanted…


One thing you have to be on the look out for are words like ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ in the product names of things. This generally means that they are child sized! The guy in the image below didn’t realize this and became the not-so-proud new owner of a kid’s armchair. What a shame as it looks like a lovely piece of furniture! Hopefully he had a child in his life who could enjoy it! 

kids armchair fail

Ordering furniture online can be a great way to save some money. But, the biggest benefit of looking online for furniture is that if you want something more unique, you’ve got a very wide search center. Unfortunately, as with most online shopping fails, as you’re not seeing your purchase in the flesh, there’s a huge risk of getting something unexpected…


Ah, translations fails. They can be pretty annoying but hugely amusing! It’s a good thing that this person checked their gifts before wrapping them up and giving them away! It’s pretty safe to say that ‘do the les’ is not included anywhere in the Frozen film. We wonder if there were any other blunders? At least the image of Elsa was correct! 

Sometimes when we consume alcohol we are driven to buy things we wouldn’t necessarily choose when sober. Some purchases are better than others. The person responsible for the photo below ended up buying a cat sized superman shirt. Luckily, they had a cat to put the shirt to good use. And, to be fair, the feline is rocking the look so we wouldn’t feel too bad about this one! 

superman cat

Auto correct has put us all in some very awkward situations. It’s particularly mortifying if you’re talking to someone who you aren’t close with. We can’t get over how funny the blunder below is. We bet the recipient of the cake was slightly confused but was able to appreciate the hilarity of the situation! The cake maker did a great job none the less and it looks delicious! 

blind girl cake

So, on the left is what the bride to be expected to receive, and on the right is what she ended up with. When it comes to something as important as a wedding dress, we wouldn’t blame the lady for being extremely upset! We hope there was some mix up here as there is no way the dress on the right could pass for being the dress on the left! What an absolute nightmare!

dodgy dress

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