People Who Tried to Deceive The Internet With Their Barefaced Lies

The internet has become a major platform where people can share almost everything. But not everything on the internet is true. There are people who try to convince the whole world with their lies. But remember, no lie is safe because the truth will eventually come out. No one can run away from the truth even if you try your best to hide it. But these people didn’t even bother to hide their lies. The thing about lying is, if you’re going to lie then be really good at it. Get ready to laugh your hearts out. Take a look at these photos of people who failed to fool the world with their barefaced lies.



Ditch workouts and gyms. We need to learn this breath in technique quick.

unknown author / imgur

Because people who read books look smarter than those who read phones.

achillesc / imgur

Extreme wall climbing is not for kids. Oh wait…

rufusc / imgur

Unless she has the ability to apply her own makeup while sleeping.

IHateMulesTheyAreSoHalfAssed / imgur

Pretty little liar.

Luffymcfly / imgur

I’m raising an eyebrow on this one.

barefaced lies on the internet
Zaqudon / reddit

What did you use to take this picture then?

HeyoSlick / reddit

These people tried to convince us with their barefaced lies and got instantly busted.



You can lie but the sunglasses won’t hide the truth.

justanothergoat / imgur

Don’t even think that a marker can convince the world with a lie. The marker didn’t even bother to hide.

Woodshadow / reddit

Carrying heavy containers on a regular basis helps develop muscles. But a poor Photoshop skill helps you look outrageously ludicrous.

MaxDivision / reddit

This video editing company doesn’t work for liars.

smallbot / pikabu

As long as people know how to count, you can’t fool them with this.

avecunepomme / imgur

People are not the only liars in this world. Even vehicles do it sometimes.


The secret behind every girl’s intimate photos is exposed.

LiquidLightening / imgur

You know that a photo won’t convince people if the background morphs along with the body.

iSperminator / imgur