A Company In Japan Have Created The Ultimate Gaming Bed So You Never Have To Leave The House Again

There are currently over 2.5 billion gamers across the world with USA, China, and Japan having the most numbers of gamers population. Without a doubt, electronic video games have redefined entertainment and recreations. And Japan continues to revolutionize video game culture with this ultimate gaming bed. And it is what it sounds like – a bed for gamers. It’s not just a chair or a couch for gaming but a full, functional bed.

Japanese furniture manufacturer Bauhutte introduces its awesome line of gaming furniture that would make every gamer’s life more enjoyable. There’s the reclining chair and desk combo complete with console shelves to place your gaming cabinet and other gaming stuff. You can also opt for a version with a steering wheel controller for a more realistic gaming experience. Or the one with an included tent-like enclosure to cut your ties with the outside world. Although all of the pieces in the collection are worth having, it’s the gaming bed that really catches our interest the most.


This gaming bed is the ultimate dream of all gamers

bauhutte japan furniture set for gamers

Waking up from our beds and moving from the bed to our gaming desks can be a bit tiring, right? This is why this gaming bed is created to make our lives less complicated.  Now we don’t have to get out of our bed anymore because we have everything we need within reach. It has an elevated headboard when you can place one or two flexible long arm phone holders to keep your phone’s screen hovering over you while you lay down.

hovering phone flexible long arm holder

Additionally, it includes a bed desk that can be set at the foot of the gaming bed. The wide desk can accommodate a dual-monitor setup, a pair of speakers, and a keyboard. It also features two extended spaces on both ends for your gaming mouse and console. Furthermore, it has two cup holders on one side to keep your favorite beverages at hand. And a hanging basket on the side to keep your extra console and headphones.

ultimate gaming bed

You can also opt to add a smaller desk to the side of the bed to place your keyboard. Of course, more multi-level shelves filled with drinks and snacks surrounding the gaming bed would make your dream life complete. You won’t even need to get out of the bed anymore, unless you need to use the bathroom. Can we just all agree that this is the perfect life?

ultimate gaming bed complete set


bauhutte japan gamer furniture

The Japanese company offers each piece of furniture individually, not as a set. So, you’ll need to purchase each furniture such as desks, shelves, and racks separately. Also take note that the bed is not included as these gaming furniture are intended to be added to your existing bed.

ultimate gaming bed bauhutte japan

Check out the company’s Amazon page to browse their catalog.

Source: Bauhutte