People Reveal The Reasons Why They Have Pretended To Cry

It’s good to cry sometimes. It’s a natural and often irrepressible reaction to sadness, pain, empathy, and joy.  But crying in front of other people can still be awkward and uncomfortable for both the person crying and the people around them.  You see, people tend to be empathetic when they see a person crying. And they usually want to help that person feel better. It’s human instinct. But some people fake cry just to get other people’s sympathy and get out of certain situations. These people share their own experiences on why they pretended to cry. Take a look!

The student outdid the teacher.


Acceptance is the key to be free.

The perk of being a crybaby.

This is actually a clever idea to stop unwanted calls.

One of the rare circumstances when a fake cry comes in handy.

Fake crying is a life-saver.

Her guilty conscience will haunt her forever.

These are the times when you really need to shed a tear or two.

I hope she wasn’t turned off after this.

Crying is the new sexy.

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Getting what you want.

How to get away with being arrested.

Free, at last.

You should have seen it coming.

Math makes us cry, for real.

Crying also burns calories.


Way to go, girl.

Good riddance.

Please spare me ‘the talk’!

Take that!