These Polish Architects Have Connected Two Offices With This Amazing Hanging Walkway

If you work in an office, or ever have done, you probably know how depressing and tiring it can get being couped up all day, especially in the winter when you arrive at work before sunrise and leave after sunset. Polish architecture firm “Zalewski Architecture” have come up with a novel idea to beat the office-worker blues, thus raising morale and increasing productivity.

They have built an incredible grassy winding walkway between two office buildings, so that those who work there can step out for a stroll, and enjoy some peace and quiet. The grassy environment will make workers feel like they’re more in touch with nature, refreshing their attitudes. It might seem like a bit of a quirky idea, but it could really improve the satisfaction of office workers, who can get demoralized having to sit down in a stuffy environment all day. 

We think this looks like an awesome idea, although it wouldn’t be pleasant for anyone who’s afraid of heights! What do you think of having these kinds of walkways for offices? Leave us a comment to let us know!

Source: Zalewski Architecture