The Oreo Mug Sleeve Is A Cookie Dunking Game Changer

Do you like dunking your Oreo cookies? If so, you’ll love this Oreo mug sleeve. Do you still remember the Dunky Cup that made your cookie time easier and more enjoyable? Well, guess what? We’ve found another dunking set that can hold even more Oreo cookies than the Dunky Cup. This ultimate set includes a clear glass mug for your milk, a plastic sleeve to hold your cookies, and plastic tongs to help you dunk the cookies without dirtying your hands. In other words, it’s the ultimate dream for all Oreo fans.


ultimate dunking set with cookie holder

Simply fill the glass mug with milk and attach the sleeve to the side. The cookie holder can hold up to seven cookies at once. That is actually the exact number of cookies we can finish in one sitting. Although, you can refill the cookie holder and have as many as you want. Additionally, the set comes with a decorative napkin that you can place under the mug to catch any spills. What’s more, you can use the plastic tongs to dunk your Oreo cookies in the milk if you hate getting your fingers wet.

dunking set with oreo mug sleeve


oreo mug sleeve set



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What is included in the Oreo mug sleeve?

Just like any other dunking set, this one also comes with 3 Oreo Cookie pouches to get you started with your dunking fest. Furthermore, the set comes in gift-ready packaging, making it a great holiday gift for the Oreo lover in your life. Get this Oreo Mug Ultimate Dunking Set here and bring even more fun to cookie time. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“I got them as a Christmas gift for my husband and our little girl. They’re big time Oreo cookies and milk fans. They probably don’t need the little tweezers to dip the cookies into milk but I thought it would be cute and fancy for them now. Plus, how convenient to have a cookie holder attached?!”

oreo mug sleeve set glass mug


ultimate dunking set packaging


oreo mug sleeve set 2-packGet it here.


Watch the video below to see the set in action