This Lithuanian Artist Turns Old Watches Into Awesome Steampunk Jewelry


Ernoldas Pocius is a Lithuanian-born, UK-based, artist who creates the coolest steam-punk jewelry. While he spends his days working at a warehouse job, he describes as 'boring', Ernoldas makes the most of his free time… to craft the most amazing pieces, using old watch parts. He began making jewelry two years ago, when he wanted a special gift for his then-girlfriend (now his wife). She was delighted with her gift and things progressed from there. Each piece of handmade jewelry is made using tiny wristwatch and pocket watch parts like cogs, arrows, gears, wheels, bridges, and springs. Positioned in an antique brass, copper or bronze-colored base, the parts are then sealed in with a transparent resin which comes out just like glass. You can support Ernoldas in his quest to make this his full-time job by supporting him on Kickstarter! Check it out!
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