This Coffin Candle Melts Away Revealing A Creepy Metal Skeleton Inside

Candles are the staple in most Halloween decors. This is mainly because candles are typically associated with the paranormal and the occult. So, why not bring your usual candles to a spookier level this Halloween with this coffin candle? A black candle in the shape of a coffin. What could be creepier than that? This coffin candle measures 11 inches tall, making it ideal to display as a Halloween décor piece on its own. With its “RIP” engraving along with a skull and crossbones emblem, this is undoubtedly a perfect addition to your intriguing shelf.

creepycandles coffin candle

The look of the coffin candle is terrifying as it is. But the real magic happens when you light it up. As the black wax slowly melts, it reveals a metal skeleton that appears to emerge from the dissolving casket. A spooky surprise indeed, nothing prepares your unsuspecting guests for the creepiness that awaits them as you light up this candle. It also makes a great conversation piece that your guests will absolutely enjoy. This coffin candle is unscented so don’t expect any aromatic fragrance to come out of it.

creepycandles coffin candle black


creepycandles coffin candle metal skeleton


creepycandles coffin candle metal skeleton inside

If you’re a huge fan of the occult and all scary stuffs, this creepy candle is a must-have. You can also give it as a Halloween gift to your friends. Or you can satisfy your craving for the occult as you watch the coffin candle melt. Then proceed by greeting your new friend as it arises from its resting place. One satisfied customer wrote:

“This candle is uber cool, it’s also very large and substantial – which only adds to its presence and spookiness! I cannot wait to light this thing up and begin to see the skeleton emerge and kick off the Halloween season.”

creepycandles coffin candle halloween decor


creepycandles coffin candle collector item



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Get this coffin candle here and impress your guests with a thrilling surprise.

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