‘Narwhal’ The Rescue Puppy Has A Tail Growing Out Of His Forehead

Dogs are naturally adorable. Their irresistible charm and affectionate character make them the most ideal companion. Just like any other creatures in this world, dogs also have their own unique personalities and physical appearances. As far as special characteristics are concerned, we bet you haven’t seen a dog quite like Narwhal. With a tiny tail hanging from his forehead, this rescue puppy will instantly remind you of a legendary unicorn.


Meet the Little Magical Furry Unicorn

narwhal little magical furry unicorn


Who is Narwhal the Rescue Puppy?

Narwhal is was found wandering in the cold with another older dog. The two were rescued by Mac’s Mission, an animal rescue in Jackson, Missouri. They immediately noticed the puppy’s remarkable feature – an extra tail growing out of his forehead. Instead of giving him some mythical name, they decided to name him after an actual creature that also resembles unicorn – the Narwhal. That’s how he got his name.

narwhal with forehead tail


narwhal unicorn puppy


Due To His Tail Narhwal The Rescue Puppy Is Now An Internet Star

As soon as Mac’s Mission posted the first photos of Narwhal on their Facebook page, people instantly noticed the puppy’s exceptional peculiarity. Dubbed as the ‘Little Magical Furry Unicorn’ on social media, he quickly gained public attention. Since then, the page recieves lots of comments and questions from astonished people. The most popular question asks if he can wag his forehead tail. According to his caretakers, his extra tail on his forehead is idle and it doesn’t wag at all. Mac’s Mission also explained that the 10-week-old puppy has an unusual birth defect which is the cause of the extra tail. People were worried whether this defect could adversely affect his health.

puppy with unicorn tail


This X-ray shows that his forehead tail doesn’t  connect to his skull or spine

 forehead tail x-ray


When they took Narwhal to the vets, they made the discovery that his forehead tail doesn’t connect to anything. This means that the extra tail is in no way detrimental to his health. Furthermore, the vets see no reason to surgically remove the extra tail as it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. As expected, eager people are consistently inquiring about his possible adoption. Apparently, who wouldn’t want to own an extraordinary unicorn pup?

narwhal mac mission animal rescue


mac mission dog with forehead tail

Narwhal needs to grow a bit more before he can be put up for adoption. He is still under observation to make sure that his forehead tail won’t pose any problem as he grows up. Always check out the animal rescue’s Facebook page to see the latest updates on this one-of-a-kind pup. You can be the first to know when he’s up for adoption if you want to give this rescue puppy a home.


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