You Can Get Mini Multi-Tiered Cake Pans That Let You Create Professional Looking Cakes

What could possibly be better than cake? The answer is simple – it’s mini cake! Good thing there’s this multi-tiered cake pan that allows us to make mini wedding cakes. You know what they say, small things are the big things. Gorgeous multi-tiered cakes are truly a feast for the eyes, we give you that. But a miniature version of these sumptuous cakes definitely takes the cake. Not only do these bite-sized pasties look more appealing. But they are even handier and more decorative than a slice of cake.

Apparently, creating mini multi-tiered cakes involves more work (and more patience) than making a regular cake. You have to mold each piece into shape, put them into the oven in batches and stack the pieces onto one another after baking. Now you can save yourself from all these troubles because this multi-tiered cake pan will mold the batter and stack them up in place in one go. Simply pour the batter into the molds, place them in the oven, and wait until fully baked. Then take out each mini cake from the molds and start decorating.


Multi-Tiered Cake Pan


four-cavity three tier mold

This multi-tiered cake pan is made from heavy-duty aluminized steel for optimum heat conduction during baking process. So, you’ll get evenly-baked mini cake each time you take it out from the oven. Additionally, it has a silicone-based non-stick coating for easy release. So, you’ll get perfectly-shaped three-layered cakes that you can easily pry out from the molds. Moreover, this non-stick pan makes cleanup easier after every baking session.


two-cavity three tier baking mold


multi-tiered cake pan with four molds

The multi-tiered cake pan is available in two versions – a larger version with 4 cavities, and a smaller version with 2 cavities. Each cavity measures 4 inches wide at the bottom, 2 inches wide at the top, and 5 inches deep. Both versions are dishwasher-safe but hand-washing is highly recommended to extend the product life. The larger version comes with complete recipe and instructions printed on the back of the packaging.

two-cavity three tier baking molds


three-tiered cakes


multi-tiered cake pan four cavity


perfectly-shaped three tier cakes


three-tiered wedding cakes


multi-tiered cake pan makes decorative mini cakes

Making decorative mini cakes for wedding, anniversary parties, bridal/baby showers, and birthdays has never been this easy. When you’re feeling a little fancy, you can also impress your family by making these cute pastries for them. This multi-tiered cake pan also makes an ideal gift for your friends who really love to bake. One happy customer wrote:

“So much fun to work with and so easy to bake in, after baking cakes came out wonderfully. I cored the center and filled them with raspberry pastry cream. I entered them into a baking contest for charity and won! This is a great tool for anyone’s baking arsenal.”

two-cavity baking pan


decorative three-tier cakes


multi-tiered cake pan mini cakes


decorative miniature wedding cakes

Get the 4-cavity pan here and the 2-cavity pan here.

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