Breakfast makers that will change your life

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but a lot of us don’t leave enough time or simply can’t be bothered to cook anything. We’ve put together a collection of awesome products that will transform your lifestyle and get you back into enjoying that morning meal. Ranging from time and space savers to fun and easy makers, there’s bound to be something for everyone, including those with kids. They are all available right here on Awesome Inventions!

3 in 1 breakfast Maker

3 in 1 breakfast maker

Features everything you could possibly need all in 1 machine! A fantastic space-saver.
Find it here: 3 in 1 Breakfast Maker

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

breakfast sandwich maker

Create your own fast-food sandwich the healthy way!
Find it here: Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Skillet and Waffle Maker

Skillet And Waffle Maker

Cooks just about anything and everything you could possibly want at breakfast time. Use the skillet for eggs, bacon, omelets and toast then switch plates and make delicious waffles!
Find it here: Skillet and Waffle Maker

Toaster with Fold Down Cooking Grill

Toaster with Fold Down Cooking Grill

Another great space-saver!
Find it here: Toaster with Fold Down Cooking Grill

Egg and Bread Toaster

egg and bread toaster

Boiled egg and soldiers? Or how about sunny side up?
Find it here: Egg and Bread Toaster

Egg and Muffin Toaster

egg and muffin toaster

Forget the drive-thru and make your own egg muffin sandwich! It’s quicker, tastier and healthier!

Find it here: Egg and Muffin Toaster

Hello Kitty Pancake Maker

hello kitty pancake maker

Make fun kitty-shaped pancakes for your little ones!
Find it here: Hello Kitty Pancake Maker

Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

mickey mouse waffle maker

Everyone loves waffles! You’ll love these even more because they’re shaped like Mickey Mouse!
Find it here: Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Microwave Omelette Maker

Microwave Omelette Maker

Save time and throw all your ingredients in here and cook in the microwave. By the time you’ve dressed yourself for work you’ll have a healthy, tasty breakfast waiting for you.
Find it here: Microwave Omelette Maker

Toast and Waffle Sticks Maker

Toast And Waffle Sticks Maker

Make fun treats on sticks!
Find it here: Toast and Waffle Sticks Maker