Let The Golden Girls Protect Your Car From The Sun With This Glorious Windshield

Summer’s coming. Which means we’ll be hitting the road to go and chill at the beach or have fun at a theme park. And that usually means that we’ll have to leave our sweet rides baking under the sun. Don’t you just hate it when your car ends up being as hot as an oven when you get back? So you’ve got to make sure your car’s just as protected as you are this coming summer season – sunblock for you and a windshield cover for your auto. And if you happen to be a fan of the Golden Girls, Target’s got just the thing for you: the Golden Girls Windshield Cover!

The main purpose of a windshield cover is to protect the car’s interior from sun damage. It’s an extremely useful accessory that can save you from waiting for the heat to air out because you couldn’t find a nice parking spot under some shady pines. And now that we know that this windshield cover exists, we can’t think of a better way to give your car some protection and make it easy to spot from a mile away.

Golden Girls Windshield Cover


The Golden Girls Windshield Cover features all four ladies with their trademark expressions

This officially licensed windshield cover features all four iconic leading ladies on the cover. And of course, they’ve all got their trademark expressions. The cover is made with dense vinyl that’s fully capable of blocking out those harmful UV rays. It’s also collapsible and easy to store. All you have to do to is unfold it and then fold it back afterwards when you have finished using it.

folded golden girls windshield cover

The Golden Girls-printed sun protector is available at Target and Amazon. It measures 57” x 28” which is the standard measurement of most windshields – be it a car or a truck. You can also consider it as a tribute to Bea Arthur, who played Dorothy Zbornak. Did you know that she drove trucks for the US Marine Corps? The iconic actress never really spoke about her time serving for the Marine Corps. But a year after her death, Smoking Gun found out that she spent 30 months serving as a typist and truck driver. How cool is that?