14 Awesome Images Of Our Incredible World


Our world is incredible. Everywhere you look little miracles are happening. Babies are being born, awesome scientific discoveries are being made and great minds are thinking up awesome inventions. Often we take these things for granted, especially when we're experiencing information overload via the internet and TV shows. However, if we take a look beyond ourselves and beyond technology, we can see just how awesome our incredible world is. Take a look!


This is what your water bottle looks like before compressed air is added to it.


Amazing girls!


This smiley face-like image was captured by the Hubble Telescope and has led experts to believe that a black hole may be helping to bend the light to create the "face".


These Undulatus Asperatus clouds look incredible!


This is the galaxy Andromeda which will merge with our own Milky Way in around 4,000,000,000 years!



Take a look at the awesome Dubai skyline as seen through fog.


When this orangutan was released from the zoo, he began imitating Borneo fishermen he saw fishing with spears! What a clever guy!


Take a look at this ant imprisoned in a water droplet. We hope he got away ok!


This beautiful starry sky was seen above Yosemite National Park, U.S.


Check out this F-16 barrel rolling as it fires out flares.




Take a look at this long-exposure shot of a plane taking off.


Incredibly, all the water on our whole planet could be contained in a sphere with a diameter of 860 miles!


And finally, look at what happens to grass after it has been struck by lightning.

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