Now You Can Let The Millennium Falcon Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

Bring the Force with you and charge your smartphones in the geekiest way possible with the Millennium Falcon wireless charger. Sure, there are lots of wireless chargers out there. But if you consider yourself a hardcore Star Wars fan then this is definitely the one for you. Featuring an exact replica of the iconic starship, this portable phone charger is a total must-have for true Star Wars fans.

The charger is compatible with iPhones, Android phones and any device with wireless charging capabilities. Plug the charger to a wall outlet using its USB-C connector. Then simply sit your device on top of the charging pad for a faster charging. Let it top-off your device until it is fully-charged. Look for the LED thruster lights at the back of the starship. If they turn blue, that’s an indication that charging is complete.

star wars themed phone charger

When you’re not using it to charge your phone, you can use the Millennium Falcon wireless charger as a geeky ornament. You can declare your fandom by placing this on your desk at home or at the office. This stylish charger includes a USB-C port and wall charging cable that you can also use on your phone for direct charging. But we highly recommend using the wireless charger for light-speed, quick charging. It measures 7 inches long, 5 inches wid  and 1 inch thick. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Love this charger, it works great and the design was very well thought out. Add all that plus fast wireless charging and two different LED modes for the lights and it’s a great piece. Loved it so much that I bought an extra one for work as a great and useful desk piece.”

millennium falcon wireless charger for phones


star wars themed charger led lights


millennium falcon wireless charger

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Source: GameStop