People Have Been Growing Bean Pole TeePees In Their Garden And Kids Love Them

The idea of growing runner beans on teepees isn’t something new as this concept has been around for centuries. But recently, more and more people have been making bean pole garden tents. Of course, you don’t want to fall behind on this fun trend, do you? So, if you’re ready to make your own bean teepee for your garden or maybe for your kids then read on.

Since most people have been in stuck at home due to the current situation, many decided to spend most of their time beautifying their gardens. With the kids also stuck at home, building bean pole tents is like hitting two birds with one stone. A bean teepee doesn’t only make an awesome addition to you garden but it also provides a fun place for your kids to hide and play in.


Bean Pole Garden Tents

It may look complicated at first. But you’ll be surprised to know that it’s easy and fun to put together. All you need are 5 – 8 bamboo poles at least 6 feet high, seedlings for any climbing type plants and wires (or tape). First, choose the best spot for your bean pole tent and mark out the edge of the circle. Spread out the poles onto the edge of the circle and push them into ground. Leave an opening of at least 2 feet wide for the door. Once the poles are in place, tie the poles together at the top then take a wire or tape and wrap it around the meeting poles.

Next, plant a seed on each side of each pole. Make sure to plant the seeds about 2 inches deep.  The vines should start growing in about a week. Tie the vines loosely to the poles to help them attach to the posts. They should be able to climb up to the poles on their own after this. Don’t forget to water the plants regularly to keep the vines thick and healthy.

Bean pole tents are so easy to make, even your kids can help you with putting them together. It’s also a great activity for your kids to keep them occupied during these difficult times. Plus, the anticipation of having a lovely teepee would encourage them to take care of the climbing plants.


Check out the video below to help you get started in making your own bean teepee