Find Out About Phobias And How Your Body Reacts To Fear


If you've ever wanted to know more about fears and phobias, then you've come to the right place! Anyone who has ever experienced the 'fight or flight' response as a reaction to something they perceived to be scary, or potentially dangerous, will know that it's a funny old feeling, but why does it happen? This infographic from the folks over at 'Factorialist' lays out the physical reactions that your body has when faced with fear. It also talks a little bit about the three different types of phobias, as well as naming some of the 530 official specific phobias, including arachnophobia (something many of us suffer from) and  alektrophobia, which is a fear of chickens and other fowl (this one's not so common!). If you want to know more, then be sure to read on!
Website: Factorialist



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