Creative Baker Lauren Ko Makes Artistic Looking Pies Using Avant-Garde Crust Designs

Seattle-based home baker Lauren Ko proves that even pies can transform into beautiful works of art, just like decorative cakes. Although she can’t use icings to craft the surface, she cleverly utilizes strips of dough to create avant-garde crust designs. She adds some twists to the traditional lattice pastry technique by forming crisscross patterns and intricate weaves. Also, she cuts the dough strips in various lengths, thickness and shapes to achieve variations in the patterns. Furthermore, she brilliantly makes use of fruits, nuts, and other ingredients to adorn the surface of her gorgeous art pies.

Just recently, decorative cakes featuring artistic designs took the pastry industry by storm. With blooming flower cakes and colorful brushstroke cakes leading the way, pastry chefs continue to enhance their artistic skills. So, expect cake designs to become more elaborate for the days to come. Understandably, cakes are destined to get the aesthetic treatment because the form itself is easy to decorate. This gives pastry chefs all the freedom to experiment with the cake structure and icing design as much as they like. Pies, on the other hand, don’t provide opportunity for fancy embellishments and artistic decorations. Besides, it’s the filling inside that really counts. And the surface of the dough doesn’t actually need to be attractive. At least, that’s what we think. Art pies are actually a thing and let us show you how stunning they are.

lauren ko art pies

lokokitchen initricate art pies

Ko’s bewitching art pies are indeed a sight to behold. And it’s just a matter of time before art pies steal the spotlight from ornate cakes. Get ready to feast your eyes on these captivating pie designs courtesy of Lauren Ko. You can also visit her website and her Instagram page to see her latest creations of tantalizing pies. Be warned, though. Her avant-garde pie designs are visually addicting and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

lauren ko art pies dough strips weaves


lauren ko art pies diamond dough


lauren ko art pies nut embellishments


lauren ko art pies dough strips variations


lauren ko art pies dough strips


lauren ko art pies v-shaped dough strips


lauren ko art pies fruits decorations


lauren ko art pies crescent moon design


lauren ko art pies weaving dough strips


lauren ko art pies crisscross pattern

Source: Lokokitchen | Instagram