This Smart Planter Gives Your Plant A Face And It Shows You How It’s Feeling

Plants need sufficient water and sunlight in order to survive. But despite giving them everything they need, some of them still wither and die. But why is it so? This is because there’s an ideal time for everything, the right time to water and the right time to expose them to sunlight. Unfortunately, plants can’t communicate with us. While people with green thumb can easily discern the signs, some of us can barely perceive what our plants wanted to say. For this reason, Mu Design creates Lüa, a smart planter that can transform your favorite houseplant into a virtual pet.

lua smart planter mu design

This cute and functional planter can indicate the mood of the plant it contains. It can display up to 15 different real-time animations that correspond to the plant’s current condition. This smart planter is equipped with 5 senses that automatically detect moisture, sun exposure, temperature, movement, and a built-in QR code reader. When moisture level in the soil drops, Lüa will display the Thirsty animation. On the other hand, excessive watering can also kill your plant. When the sensor detects too much water, the smart planter displays the Sick animation. If the plant lacks exposure to sunlight, Lüa will show the Vampire animation. But when it’s overexposed to sunlight (which can also be harmful), it will display the Squint animation.

lua smart planter real-time animations

In other words, this smart planter allows your plant to communicate with you through animations. With this, you’ll know when the plant needs water or sunlight the most. When the animation shows a Happy emotion, you know that all is well. Lüa can also serve as a cute virtual pet because it can respond to the movement around it. If it senses no movement around, it will display the Tired animation and eventually go to sleep mode. But it will immediately wake up when it detects a movement and amusingly follows it with its eyes.

lua smart planter happy animation


lua smart planter thirsty animation


lua smart planter mu design sunflower yellow


lua smart planter grumpy animation


lua smart planter mu design happy animation

This amazing smart planter is still a prototype as of the moment. But you can pre-order now on Indiegogo. You can choose from two different colors – eggplant (purple) and sunflower (yellow). Using Lüa is easy and simple. Download the Lüa app on your smartphone. Then select your plant’s family – foliage plant, tree, succulent/cacti, fern, flowering plant, and climber. Or you can manually set the exact type of your plant. After selecting the plant family, the app will generate a QR code that contains relevant info about the specific plant. Let Lüa scan the generated QR code so it can set the parameters. Then you’re all set.

Source: Mu Design