11 Incredible Pictures That Will Make You See The World In A Whole New Light


It's terribly easy to take the world we live in for granted, and not really analyze anything too deeply. But, when you really think about it, the universe is beyond incredible, even the really simple things. We've collected eleven awesome images that will stop and make you think, and maybe throw everything into perspective for you! Check them out!


This detailed snow skull was made by 'Team Wisconsin', for the 'Breckenridge International Snow Sculpting Championships'. 


This is a photo of Russia during winter, taken from the 'International Space Station' (ISS)!


Another photo from the ISS. This is London, England, at night.



Leonardo DiCaprio gets his wounds touched up while filming 'The Revenant'. 


A kestrel flying super close to the ground!


This stunning galaxy is clearer than most as it contains less cosmic dust than average!


Native to South America, this tiny frog resembles an alien!


This is bodybuilder Martin 'Nightmare' Ford, next to a much smaller fan at a fitness expo. 


The natural history museum in Shanghai has a huge wall that was constructed to look like a cell wall.


Here's a long-exposure shot of a blacksmith striking while the iron is hot.


This tenacious tree bent and broke during a storm, but refused to fall!

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