Santa Claus Toilet Cover

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Bring the Christmas spirit with you to the bathroom. This set includes a Santa Claus toilet cover, tank cover, rug with anti-slip back and a tissue box cover. seat and tank cover have elastic for a snug fit.



  1. Debbie Waters

    the ultimate christmas decoration.

  2. Kat Johnson

    99 bucks for this, I can make that for wayyyy cheaper..

  3. Michelle Fletcher

    Cathy Gladwell Thought of you LOL xxx.

  4. Joanie Fassett Buchinski

    Hey this is neat but it is April but still for the holidays…What a hoot…

  5. Linda Fillis

    aw that's cool lol.

  6. Bertha Galvez

    Esta hermoso felisidades.

  7. Christopher S Maleby

    I bought this exact set and the snowman one too for $20 each back during Christmas. I like the look and all but , I wouldn't ever spend a hundred dollars for a toilet cover set.

  8. Viviana Jurado Duque

    Fabuloso yo quiero uno

    • Karina Jurado

      Yo te lo hago 🙂

  9. Jennifer Ann Taylor

    its the whole set for 100 not just the seat cover

  10. Sally Scammell

    Megan Simmons I thought of you when I saw this lol

  11. Jack Harris

    Lol, yeah sure, come take a shit on santa xD.

  12. Jennifer Taylor

    He sees you when you're peeing…

  13. Charly Pearly Pearl’xox


  14. Mateusz Daniel

    Edyta sramy mikołajowi do ryja okej

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