This Woman Makes Real and Fully Functioning Handbags From Lego


Agabag on Etsy began making jewelry with Lego bricks 6 years ago. Working with the toy bricks got her to thinking of creating a fully functioning party-type handbag with Lego. It took Agabag (Agnieszka Biernacka) a while to perfect her designs, technique and to find the right tools however we think she has it all spot on now! Agnieszka from Krakow, Poland now even uses gold plated bricks in her designs. Awesome! The designer told Boredpanda, "Most of my friends thought I was crazy when six years ago I told them this is how I was going to pay my bills. Now they believe I have one of the coolest jobs there is." Check out some of her designs below and see how cool they are for yourself.

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