The Worlds-First Cheese-Themed Hotel Opened In The UK And It’s “Un-brie-lievable”

Calling all cheese lovers! Your ultimate dream of living in a world, or at least a room, filled with cheese is now possible. The world’s first-ever cheese-themed hotel has finally opened its doors. And we’re not even exaggerating when we say you definitely have to add it to your bucket list.

The Cheese Suite is a project by restaurant chain Café Rouge in partnership with service apartment provider Cuckooz. Located in Camden, London, the special room is an homage to the restaurant’s Fromage-filled menu.

Cheese Suite Entrance


Cheese-themed Hotel Dining Area


Cheese-themed Hotel Lounge Area and Dining Area


Cheese-themed Hotel Bedroom

The entire space features cheese-themed décor from artwork to bedding, cushions, furniture, and even toiletries. Ah, life doesn’t get much feta than this! But wait, there’s more! Guests can also find some cheesy board games and a specially compiled cheesy music playlist to keep them entertained.

Cheese Suite Lounge Area Decorations


Cheese-themed Hotel Lounge Area


Cheese-themed Hotel Cheese-themed Bed and Wallpaper


Cheese-themed Hotel Games


Cheese-themed Hotel Toiletries

Of course, a cheese-themed suite would not be complete without some actual edible cheese. So, yes, there’s a complimentary cheese and crackers platter plus a bottle of wine for the guests to indulge in.

Cheese Suite Guests Enjoying a Cheese Platter


Sweet dreams are definitely made of cheese!

Cheese Suite Guests


Cheese Suite Guests Couple


Cheese Suite Guests Cheese Pillow Fight


Cheese Suite Guests in Toilet

The accommodation is pretty much self-catered, but there are cheesy cookbooks that guests can use at their disposal. However, if you’re not in the mood for some cooking, you can simply use the cheese hotline delivery service.

Cheese-themed Hotel Cheese Hotline Delivery Service

Jacqueline Fletcher, head of marketing at Café Rouge, elaborated on the Cheese Suite’s unique concept:

“We wanted to give the nation somewhere new and exciting to be totally immersed in one of their favorite foods in none other than a cheese-themed hotel, while also trying some of our winter dishes from the comfort of the sofa.”

Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t accept reservations as of now. However, they’re currently holding a contest for a chance to win a one-night stay for two people. Aside from free accommodation and full access to amenities, the lucky winner will also receive a £50 Café Rouge Gift Card.


Click here for the details of the contest. Hurry! You only have until February 6th to submit your entry! Gouda luck!

Source: Café Rouge Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube