11 Slightly Questionable Hairstyles You Might Remember From The Noughties

Every decade has its share of dodgy style and fashion, and the noughties were no exception. If you were in your teens or twenties during the ’00s, we bet you rocked at least one of these hairstyles, if not more! It’s funny how they look perfectly normal while you’re sporting them, but when you look back on them even ten years later, they appear super dated! Check out these eleven slightly questionable hairstyles from the noughties and let us know which you used to wear.

Any hairstyle created by the Babyliss Twist Braid.

Curly hair with a straight fringe.

A messy bun with chopsticks poked into it.

Chunky highlights that in no way complemented the base color of your hair.

Super low bunches that covered your ears.

Or, worse, super high bunches that pretty much sat in the center of your head.

Hair scraped back using a plastic zig-zag hairband.

Two messy buns on either side of your head.

Hair that is blond on top and black underneath.

Or entirely jet black, backcombed hair.

Bunches with extra bands all the way down to the ends.

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