Pillsbury Have A Confetti Sugar Cookie Dough That Can Be Eaten Raw

What’s better than ready-to-bake cookie dough? The answer is very obvious, it’s ready-to-eat cookie dough and that’s exactly what we’ll get with Pillsbury Confetti Sugar Cookie Dough. You heard it right! This cookie dough is safe to eat raw so you can instantly consume it straight out of the pack. You now have the option to eat it or bake it, whichever you prefer. But it seems like we’re never going to bake cookies again!

Remember that irresistible urge to eat the uncooked dough before putting them into the oven? But of course, we all know that raw cookie dough is not safe for consumption. With the new Pillsbury ready-to-eat dough, we don’t have to hold back anymore. We can have as much raw cookie dough as we want. If you’re like us who think raw cookie dough tastes better than the baked ones then this is the ultimate treat.


Pillsbury Ready-To-Eat Confetti Sugar Cookie Dough

pillsbury confetti sugar cookie dough
Dave’s Supermarket

What’s more, it’s confetti cookies! What’s not to love about this flavor? The chewy sugar cookie dough is filled with rainbow sprinkles to add more color and fun. Furthermore, the pieces are twice the size of the usual Pillsbury cookie dough pieces. So, you’ll get double the enjoyment with every piece. One pack contains 12 big-sized cookies.

Maybe you can even eat half right away and bake the remaining pieces, in case you want to have them baked. If you prefer the latter, simply place them on an ungreased cookie sheet, put them the oven and let them bake for 15 minutes.



Some people have found these goodies sitting in the refrigerated department at major retailers. The good thing is, you can also get the ready-to-eat dough online. Now, there’s no reason not to satisfy your cravings for raw cookie dough.