Lay’s New Cheese & Tomato Soup Flavor New Flavor Combines Your Two Favorite Things

We all love soup. It’s the perfect companion when it’s cold outside and we need something hot to fill our hungry tummies. This fall season, Lay’s has announced that they’ve created the Lay’s Cheese & Tomato Chips. It’s either the best or worst food mashup ever attempted in the history of potato chips. Well, wherever you may stand in this conversation, it’s certainly worth celebrating that Lay’s actually figured out a way to add soup to potato chips! In the official release, Lays described the chips as:

“A dynamic combination of tomato taste and buttery cheese with underlying creamy and toasted notes.”


Lay’s Cheese & Tomato Soup Flavor Chips may sound odd to you, but we can see why they thought it would make a delicious snack!

Lays Cheese & Tomato Soup Chips Flavor

Every potato chip from Lay’s promises a crunchy good time. With Lay’s Cheese & Tomato Soup Chips you will not only get the crispy chip. You’re also going to get the zesty and creamy flavor of grilled cheese rounded out by the smooth and mellow tomato soup. Now you can have grilled cheese and tomato soup wherever you go! You just licked your chops, didn’t you?

Grab a bag for yourself here.

These decadent soup-flavored chips will hit stores on October 21. A 7.75-ounce bag of Lay’s Cheese & Tomato Soup Chips Flavor retails for only $3.49, so you can totally afford to hoard several bags for yourself. Besides the official release of these soupy chips, Lay’s is also kicking off their “Gotta Have Lays“campaign. You’re definitely going to want to take a photo with a repackaged Lay’s bag as soon as possible because you just might win a free supply of Lay’s chips for a year! What a glorious time to be alive.

We love the sound of these new soup infused chips and can’t wait to try them! What about you?

Grab a bag for yourself here.