Japanese Artist Uses Her Love For Birds As Her Inspiration For Her Amazing Latte Art Designs

Check out these amazing bird latte art designs that can give more colors into your morning. It’s always nice to wake up and greet the morning sunshine with a warm cup of coffee. A day doesn’t officially start until we get a sip of our morning coffee. This explains why most coffee shops are flooded with customers particularly in the morning. Due to our hectic schedule, some of us don’t even have spare time to make our own coffee at home. Good thing that coffee shops and cafes are everywhere. We can just drop by the nearest coffee shop for a cup of coffee on our way to work.

 Baristas fully understand people’s need for their daily dose of caffeine. It’s a long day ahead and some shots of espresso and creamy lattes could help them get through the day. In addition to the drink, some baristas would even add delightful arts on the latte to make the customers’ day even brighter. There are several coffee shops that offer latte art, from flowers and animals to famous paintings and celebrity portraits. Intricate drawings made from the latte’s milk froth are truly admirable. It would take us some time staring at them before consuming them. Furthermore, Instagram is always there if you want to brag about share the beautiful art on your latte.

kunit92 bird latte art

ku-san bird latte art design trial

One doesn’t need to become a certified barista to create stunning latte art. As long as you have a creative mind and a pair of skillful hands, you too can make latte designs. Just take a look at Japanese artist Ku-san, the person behind the Instagram account kunit92. Ku-san isn’t a barista but she takes latte art as a hobby. Unlike typical latte designs, she draws images of birds instead of flowers or iconic paintings. As a bird lover, Ku-san applies her artistic skills to show her passion for latte art and birds. In fact, her own parrot pet Sakura is one of her favorite models.

Ku-san’s bird latte art designs are indeed Instagram-worthy and people have been asking which café she is working at. But as she always explains on her Instagram, she creates her bird latte art independently at home as a hobby. Anyone can send a request, though. You’ll need to send her photos of your pet bird and she’ll do the bird latte art thru Instagram. We’ve picked out the best examples of her bird latte art designs based from customers’ requests and her personal designs. Her pink-feathered pet Sakura also makes the cut on our list so check it out.

ku-san bird latte art yellow-headed parrot


ku-san bird latte art yellow green model


ku-san bird latte art matcha tea


ku-san bird latte art blue bird


ku-san bird latte art colorful


ku-san bird latte art figurine model


ku-san bird latte art green pink parrot


ku-san bird latte art parrot green pink


ku-san bird latte art bird sleeve

Meet Sakura, the pink-feathered pet parrot of Ku-san

ku-san bird latte art sakura pet


ku-san bird latte art from sketch


ku-san bird latte art rear


ku-san bird latte art yellow bird


ku-san bird latte art grey bird


ku-san bird latte art pink bird


ku-san bird latte art april fools day

“I fell in love with Sakura the moment I saw her. And hey, it’s already been five years!”

ku-san bird latte art pet parrot sakura


ku-san bird latte art espresso


ku-san bird latte art green pink model


ku-san bird latte art cockatiel sashi


ku-san bird latte art boko


ku-san bird latte art customer


ku-san bird latte art pinkish gray


ku-san bird latte art hoji tea


ku-san bird latte art kurimaro cockatiel


ku-san bird latte art monotone


ku-san bird latte art pouring technique

Source: kunit92

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