You’ve Got To See This Awesome Tiny Little Wagon in the Woods


At first glance, this home looks like a fairly ordinary wagon in the woods. However, on closer inspection, it takes on an incredibly magical enchanted cottage vibe. Parked up in a forest in British Columbia, Canada, the $8,000 160-square-foot dwelling is made from mostly recycled and reclaimed materials and fittings. With clever use of light, glass and arched ceilings, the wagon is deceptively spacious and is the perfect place to kick back and relax.


This amazing little house is easily moved from place to place.


You can live by the beach in the summer and in the shelter of the woods in winter!


The house has some really cute detailing.


This huge and awesome window was made from a picnic table and lots of imagination.


Enjoy nature from the comfort of your own home via this window seat.


If seclusion and a quirky living space is your thing then this little wagon will suit you down to the leaf covered ground!


What an amazing custom built interior!



The wagon benefits from plenty of natural light.


The wagon boasts amazing views.


Much of the interior of the cabin is constructed from reclaimed and recycled wood.


The propane stove was reclaimed from a camper van and looks awesome.

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