8 Eyepopping Taiwanese Love Hotels That You’ll Want To Visit


Are you in need of a second, over-the-top, honeymoon? One that's sure to bring that 'spice' back into your marriage? Or, perhaps, it's just one of those times when flowers and chocolates simply won't cut it? You know what we mean, those times when only an all-gold Egyptian suite, complete with miniature sphinx, will do! Love hotels in Taiwan are notoriously out-there. As for being in good taste? Well, let's just say there aren't many people who choose to decorate their bedrooms like the suites you see below! This doesn't mean they're not a lot of fun! Take a look!
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Wego Linsen Boutique Hotel, Taipei



Mulan Villa Spa Hotel, Taipei



Sato Castle, Taipei


iCloud Hotel, Taichung


Shuei Wu Villa, Taichung


Uher Luxury Resort & Hotel, Taichung


Wego Dazhi Boutique Hotel, Taipei



Lanshy Boutique Motel, Taichung

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