Kit Kat Have A New Witch’s Brew Flavor For Halloween

Hershey’s is releasing its lineup of Halloween-inspired flavors and it’s still July! Well, we don’t mind celebrating the spooky season this early, as long as we get the chance to try the new Kit Kat Witch’s Brew flavor. Halloween in July?! Why not?

The new Witch’s Brew flavor, despite its fearsome name, is definitely the yummiest concoction to ever come out of a witch’s cauldron. This Halloween treat features the iconic crispy wafer with a glow-in-the-dark green marshmallow-flavored crème coating. You’ll get the crunch of the classic crispy wafers in a new and exciting flavor.


New Kit Kat Witch’s Brew Flavor

kit kat witches brew flavor

The brand have released many flavors over the years. But surprisingly, they haven’t come up with a marshmallow-flavored one yet. It’s only just now that they finally decided to dip their classic crispy wafers in marshmallow-flavored crème. What took them so long to think of this?


This limited-edition flavor is available in 9.8 oz bag containing individually wrapped candies. The packaging features a deep pink and purple base with a green-colored witch happily breaking the delicious wafer into two. Just as we said earlier, we don’t have to wait for October because the Witch’s Brew flavor is rolling out this month. So, keep your eyes peeled for these yummy treats in the snack aisle. It’s currently listed on Walmart’s website but it appears to be out of stock.

In addition to the new Witch’s Brew flavor, the brand is also bringing back its Pumpkin Pie flavor this year. Expect to see these Halloween-themed flavors in the shelves for the coming days. Besides, it’s never too early for a trick-or-treat party.