8 Dinner Party Foods You’ve Been Serving Wrong Your Entire Life


What do you need to make a dinner party successful? A good dinner of course! If you have no idea how to properly serve different foods, your parties just won't be a success. Thankfully, we are here to help you with this collection of 8 videos that will save your life when throwing an amazing get together! Did you know that there is an actual art to pouring wine or that it is even possible to make mashed potatoes in the wrong way? Well now you do and you can do something about it! Read on for some awesome tutorials.


Do you dream of perfect creamy mashed potato but all you can come up with is lumpy slop? Your food prayers have just been answered!


Although it can sound daunting, steak is pretty easy to get right when you know how. Knowing the different cuts available is important as well as adequate seasoning of the meat. Mmm.. steak!


Want to impress that special someone? This wine serving tutorial is for you.


Prepare pineapple like a pro by serving it in little triangles as seen in the video. It's a simple trick but it looks awesome!




Who knew that cheese is best served at room temperature and shouldn't be cut in advance?



Don't like salad much? Maybe you aren't matching your dressing to your leaves. Find out which dressings are best for your salad with this video.


You need to know this information!!


Love a Mai Tai before dinner? Learning how to make it properly will impress your friends and enhance their taste experience.

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