There’s A Pedal Powered Snow Plow For Kids That Actually Does A Good Job Of Clearing The Snow

Extreme temperature isn’t the only thing we have to deal with in winter. Snow removal is also a major hassle that we can’t get away from. Thankfully, there’s this pedal powered snow plow that will make this burdensome task easier for you. This ingenious solution lets you share the plowing labor with your kids by letting them drive this toy tractor. It comes with a plow attachment that can be easily attached to the front of the tractor, with or without a front loader.

Take note that the plow attachment is only compatible with Rolly Toys Pedal Tractors only. So, if your kids already have a Rolly X-Trac or a Rolly Trac Lader, you’ll only need to buy the plow attachment with the included adapter. These toy tractor models have a snow plow attachment that lets you easily attach the plowing device directly to the loader or with the use of the adapter. For models with front loader, simply remove the bucket from the boom and replace it with the plow attachment. With the plastic plower attached in front, your kids can drive their toy tractor while helping you clear your driveway from snow.


Pedal Powered Snow Plow Tractors For Kids

pedal powered snow plow

These pedal powered snow plow toy tractors feature opening bonnet, adjustable seat, 2 gears shift, and handbrake. The red Rolly X-Trac model is available in two versions: with loader and without loader. You can also opt for the green Rolly Trac Lader which is modeled after a John Deere farm tractor. All these models are equipped with sturdy hollow chassis and protected integral chain drive. Snow plowing would be a breeze with the help of its pneumatic tires, anti-slip pedals, and heavy duty front axle.


Snow Plow Attachment With Adapter

snow plow attachment with adapter


pedal powered snow plow rolly trac lader


3 Angle Positions

pedal powered snow plow angle positions


Rolly X-Trac Without Loader

rolly toys x-trac tractor


Rolly X-Trac With Loader

rolly x-trac toy tractor with loader


Rolly Trac Lader With Loader

rolly john deere trac lader with loader

The towing hook has coupling pins to let you attach accessories such as the plow attachment. When attached, your kids can maneuver the plowing device in three angle positions. Ideal for kids 3 years old and above. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Excellent product, great addition to the attachments for the pedal tractor. Looking forward to the little man helping with snow clearing!”

pedal powered snow plow toy tractor

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