Barbie Fans Can Now Build A Dreamhouse Out Of Cookies

Up to this day, there’s no doubt that owning a Barbie Dreamhouse dollhouse is still part of many girls’ bucket lists. With its chic interior and pink decor, it’s truly a must-have for all collectors of the iconic doll out there. And now, there’s a new version of this dream house that will appeal to people with a sweet tooth as well! Presenting the Barbie Cookie Dreamhouse kit!

Basically, the kit includes everything you need to build your own edible dreamhouse. For starters, it comes with prebaked cookies that make up the structure of the house. These include the front, side, and back panels, as well as a roof, a flower box, and stairs.

barbie cookie dreamhouse packaging front
World Market


barbie cookie dreamhouse packaging back
World Market


The Barbie Cookie Dreamhouse is a fancier alternative to the traditional gingerbread house

The kit also comes with icings in three different colors—pink, white, and teal. They come in handy in assembling and decorating the house. On top of that, you’ll also get a variety of candies to adorn your house with. As indicated on the packaging, the kit includes a blooming flower mix, mini beads, and tropical jelly tots—all in pretty pastel hues. While you can use the packaging as your reference in building your dream house, you’re always free to create your own style.


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“Little ones can get in on the creation process for a fun holiday memory that ends with a whimsical cookie house that’s just as fun to deconstruct as you nibble.”

edible barbie dreamhouse

Of course, what’s a Dreamhouse dollhouse without Barbie herself? Luckily, the kit also includes cutout figures of Barbie, her BFF, and a cute puppy. So, you can place them alongside your masterpiece once you’ve finished assembling it.

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The kit is available in a variety of retailers, including World Market and Walmart. So, you shouldn’t have a hard time snagging a box or two of this cookie kit. However, we have a hunch that it will be on a lot of kids’ wish list this holiday season. So, we recommend stocking up as early as now before they sell out!

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