12 Hilarious Observations About The Users Of Instagram


The world of Instagram is just like real life, isn't it? Well, no, actually it's not really. Not at all. While there are normal people who use the picture sharing app, there's a rather high percentage of 'try-hards' who take the whole thing a bit too seriously. There are the posers who try to mimic celebrities, but usually end up looking ridiculous. Then there's those who post photos of expensive things, just to trying to look flashy. People will stop at nothing in their attempt to become 'insta-famous'. Usually, they only end up looking foolish. Still, they give the rest of us something to giggle at! Check it out!


Yes, this basically sums it up…


We all know someone who does this.


This is so true…


And, the celebrities still don't know you exist!



This is what your try-hard modeling shots actually look like!


Never was a truer word spoken!


Your pets are probably sick of the photoshoots!

Most people will jump at the chance to post pictures in a bathing suit.


The famous 'no' makeup selfie… just stop, already!


Posting photos of expensive things and well known brands, is simply showing off!


It's hard to understand people who post pictures of their food!


'Starbucks' cups look exactly the same, no matter which filter you use…

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