Jolly Rancher Cereal Will Please Your Sweet Tooth At Breakfast

Remember when, as a kid, you wished you could have candy and chocolate for breakfast? I’m sure do. If you ever made this wish, consider it granted because General Mills has released the Jolly Rancher cereal. Our inner child is leaping with joy with this development! We’ll just need to wait for a little while, because the candy-inspired cereals will reportedly be hitting the shelves next year.

Everyone loves Jolly Ranchers. Who could possibly resist these flavor-filled, sugar nuggets? Kids and kids-at-heart can’t refuse them, and keep a stash hidden away someplace for those crucial, low-sugar moments. However, no matter how busy our lives get, just having candy won’t be enough to help us kickstart our day. That’s why its cerealized form will definitely be a welcome addition to our cupboards when it finally hits the shelves.

jolly rancher cereal

General Mills


The pieces in the Jolly Rancher Cereal look like mini candies

One of the reasons why we love cereal so much is because of the fun shapes they come in. The other reasons are their delicious sugary flavors, and of course, the toys hidden in the box. Now, according to the box, you’ll be getting green apple, cherry, watermelon, grape and blue raspberry flavors in your morning bowl. These flavors are actually based from the original Jolly Rancher sweets that we’ve got stashed away in our desk drawers and bags. Natural and artificial flavors are combined to give this particularly jolly cereals its delicious taste.

Instagrammer @i_need_a_snack was among the lucky few to get a hold of this amazing breakfast treat and give it a try. The account is dedicated to reviewing our soon-to-be-favorite snacks. For the cereal, the reviewer wrote,

“Now, right off the bat after opening the cereal, you’re greeted with a sweet and flavorful smell just like an assortment bag of Jolly Ranchers! Now when it comes to taste, I feel like these guys are just rebranded Trix with a slighttt flavor difference. And I love Trix, so I’m in no way saying this cereal is bad. It’s actually really good.”


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It’s Review Time! ? Back to blow our mind’s and taste buds, General Mill’s has once again turned a beloved snack into a delicious breakfast cereal! I present @generalmills Jolly Rancher Cereal! • • Now after trying the Sour Patch Kids cereal and not enjoying that at all except for as a dry snack, I was worried that this jew Jolly Rancher Cereal would fall into that same category. But much to my surprise that was not the case! Now right off the bat after opening this cereal, you’re greeted with a sweet and flavorful smell just like an assortment bag of Jolly Ranchers! Now when it comes to taste I want to be 100% honest with you guy’s in saying that I feel like these guy’s are just a re branded Trix with a slighttt flavor difference. And I love Trix, so i’m in no way saying this cereal is bad it’s actually really good. It’s just I wish that we could have had that really spot on Jolly Rancher Taste. At the end of the day this is a great go to snack whether your eating it dry or in a bowl of milk! 6.5/10 ? • • Box artwork done by one of my favorite all time artist’s! @klyonsnatborn , Everyone go check him out!

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The candy-inspired cereal contains hints of candy flavor and fruity notes

@i_need_a_snack’s verdict does not, in any way, discourage us from wanting to enjoy bowlfuls of this delicious breakfast treat. In fact, the thought of dousing Jolly Ranchers with milk disturbs to an insane degree. So we’re glad that General Mills has decided to keep the sugary sweetness to a minimum. We love a good fruit-flavored cereal any day, any way!

The cereal has been spotted at Walmart for $4 a box, although it’s not officially listed on the website yet. This candy-inspired cereal will be a Walmart Exclusive for the next couple months before becoming widely available in other stores in March 2020.



People are starting to spot the cereal more and more


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Jolly Rancher Cereal You guys, people have been acting kind of crazy about this Jolly Rancher Cereal. Some people were questioning its legitimacy. As though I was faking a box of cereal. Like some sort of desperate ploy to hold on to my 52 loyal followers of mostly my mom and her friends. Let me give you my insider secret to finding new cereals: everywhere I go I walk down the cereal aisle and pick up anything I haven't tried before. Today's presentation was found in a small local grocer called Walmart. Let's jump into it. Jolly Rancher Cereal is the answer to the question "what if Trix had the balls to really let loose?" They taste a lot like their fruity forefather, but there's a candy-like kick to them that very effectively evokes their namesake treat. However, I'm finding it hard to say whether that makes them better or worse. I definitely enjoy them though. Stay crunchy out there. #cereal #cerealreview #jollyrancher #jollyranchercereal #conspiracy #cerealeyesseereallies

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