15 Surreal And Mind-Bending Works By Polish Painter Jacek Yerka


Check out these crazy surrealist paintings by Jacek Yerka. The artist resides in a rural area of his native Poland and has painted over 350 acrylic works, many hanging in private collections across the globe. It takes him about three months to finish one of these dream-like, mind-bending paintings. The 'worlds' Yerka paints feature creatures, dream-like landscapes and common household objects that have been summoned to life. There are many references to his beloved country-side in his work. Born in 1952 to a pair of artists, Yerka's paintings were originally inspired by 15th century Dutch tablet paintings. Yerka attended Fine Art Academy, the same university his parents went to, leaving behind his previous career choices, which were to be medicine or astronomy. Yerka's works have won international awards and have been made into jigsaw puzzles. He has exhibited in London, Warsaw, Dusseldorf, Los Angeles and Paris. Fantasy and sci-fi enthusiasts in particular, flock to see his work.
Website: Yerkaland