Geologists Find Agate With Uncanny Resemblance To The Cookie Monster Inside

California gem collector Mike Bowers shared a video on Instagram showing one of his most interesting collections. It was an egg-shaped agate seamlessly split into two, but the biggest surprise was when he revealed what’s inside the gemstone. Hidden inside was a very familiar face that bears a striking resemblance to Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. The short video itself was accompanied by the Muppet character’s song ‘C is for Cookie’.

The fascinating agate was discovered by gemologist Lucas Fassari in the Rio Grande do Sul Region of Brazil. Agates are gemstones that are primarily formed in cavities of volcanic rocks. Typically used in pieces of jewelry and decoration, the rock’s rich colors and mesmerizing band patterns make it so pleasing to the eye. Agates come in many different shapes, colors, and patterns but it’s rare to see a rock formation that resembles Cookie Monster, and so well-defined at that.


Unusual Agate Rock Bears A Striking Resemblance To Cookie Monster

cookie monster agate rock

It’s no secret that agates are one of the most beautiful gemstones. But a cartoonish-looking one is actually rare. So, when Bowers saw the unusual agate from Brazil, he knew he had to have it. As you can see from the video, the split open rock has the face of Cookie Monster on both sides. The blue face, googly eyes, and the cookie-hungry mouth – the resemblance is truly uncanny. Even the legendary Muppet character himself approves of it by retweeting the photo on his official Twitter page.



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agate rock cookie monster


rock cookie monster lookalike

Many people have been asking Bowers if he’s considering to sell the Cookie Monster agate. In fact, he has been offered $10,000 and even higher to sell the unique stone to them. Despite the overwhelming offers, Bowers decided to keep the rare find to himself.

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